50 in 50 days


Yes, that’s right, 50 films. My friend Mardi said I was being half-hearted with only 47 films so I added three more. I like the way she thinks.

MIFF day one. The major achievement was just to get to the first screening – more or less on time. I planned to leave at 8am this morning. My family were being stoic – actually I think the two youngest had forgotten I was going away when they left this morning but Tee and Ron knew and they held back the tears and wished me well. I think Ron felt I was just a little too excited to be leaving and he did try and delay me with an offer of coffee but I was resolute.

My first film started at 1.15pm and I got to my groovy Melbourne flat at 1.10. Luckily it’s not far from the CBD and a few stops on the tram got me there not too late. I missed maybe 15 minutes (more on that film later). I saw two films today and had a gorgeous meal at Chocolate Buddha.

What I’d forgotten about Melbourne:

  • It can be really cold outside with a wind straight from Antarctica but you still work up a sweat just getting from place to place.
  • At night it’s a place of shadows and lights.
  • It’s teeming with people but you never see your neighbours.
  • You’re never far from late night snack opportunities.

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