Reevolution (2017)



I had a few micro naps in this well-meaning but ham-fisted Spanish thriller, screening as part of the Spanish Film Festival. The synopsis likened it to V for Vendetta, which was what convinced me to choose it. And yes it had political activists wearing masks to hide their identity but it felt like a film school version; with drama and action substituted with endless exposition, a convoluted plot and a score straight from a bad TV-movie. Continue reading

Contemporary Color (2016)


CONTEMPORARY-COLOR-2What a wacky wacky world. For a start, they moved the Planetarium. I had booked to see a Fulldome Showcase – short films projected on the planetarium dome – but didn’t check the venue location. Didn’t it used to be at the State Library? Probably not. Now it’s in Spotswood. Blimey, too far to walk. Too, too far. So I booked another one based on last minute availability and venue alone and so got to see Contemporary Color, a US documentary about color guard. About what? I didn’t know what it was either. Continue reading

The Event (2015)


THE-EVENT-1Like Ma, this film was a little challenging to enjoy as it made no concessions for the knowledge-base, or lack of it in my case, of its viewers. Made entirely of found footage with no narration or explanation, we watch the events unfolding in Leningrad in 1991 as the Soviet Union collapses. Continue reading