Ancien and the Magic Tablet


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It was a feelgood Sunday for me at the Japanese Film Festival with two charmers – My Uncle and this animation that also showed at MIFF this year. Aimed at kids, it is a two-layered story about Kokone (voiced by Mitsuki Takahata), whose father Momo (Yôsuke Eguchi) repairs cars, and Princess Ancien, whose magic tablet allows her to give life to objects in the beleaguered kingdom of Heartland. Continue reading

God’s Own Country (2017)


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I missed this one at MIFF and it’s a timely tale of the damage caused by a lack of love and acceptance. Johnny (Josh O’Connor) lives on an isolated Scottish farm with his dad (Ian Hart) and Nan (Gemma Jones). There’s not much warmth in his world. His dad, whose physical ability has been limited by a stroke, lets Johnny know of his expectations and also his constant disappointment. Continue reading

A MIFF day in the life


Food, drink and reviewing at the Forum Festival Lounge


Some friends have been curious about my MIFF experience so here’s an idea of what my days are like. It’s quite a solitary experience which is part of its charm for me. I like being able to choose only the films I want to see and to be able to change my mind at the last minute. It’s a freedom that we don’t always have in our busy lives. Continue reading