Day 4: My favourite book to film adaptation



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Clueless (1995)

I didn’t know that I’d end up with two Austen adaptations from 1995 in a row. This sublime comedy by the under-rated Amy Heckerling takes Austen’s novel Emma and deposits it in 1990s Hollywood. The dialogue is sharp and funny and regularly quoted in my household – “She could be a farmer in those clothes.” It’s the only Emma version I have seen where I thoroughly like the heroine and Alicia Silverstone is at her best as spoiled but well-meaning rich girl Cher. I feel sad every time I watch it at the loss at the young age of 32 of Brittany Murphy, who plays Tai.

What’s your favourite book to film adaptation? Is it a book you loved first or one you’ve never read?

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Emma. (2020)


Don’t forget the full stop. Emma is my least favourite of Jane Austen’s novels (other than the superlative adaptation Clueless (1995). This remake by Autumn de Wilde is nicely staged with beautiful sets, clothes and a humorous thread of caricature and it mostly surmounts the biggest challenge of the story – that the eponymous character is not very likeable. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day (2010)


Today we watched one of my favourite romantic comedies just because it was Valentine’s Day. It’s not up there with Love Actually but it has a similar sensibility, it shows us that love has many forms and doesn’t always work out as we planned, it just does it in a slightly cheesy Hollywood style. It still makes me feel good though when I watch it. Continue reading