A love letter to the Melbourne International Film Festival


I love you MIFF. You have just given me a most memorable two weeks. With you I travelled the world, learned about love and sorrow, grieved for lost futures and saw the shifting diaspora of people torn away from their homes.

We became great friends, you and I. We hung out every day and I saw you at your best and at your worst. Please understand that what I am about to say in no way undermines this new and sparkling friendship, it will just make our love all the stronger. Continue reading

Life after MIFF for your trusty blogger


I like films and I like blogging. MIFF is over for a year so I need to find something to feed these two addictions until August 2016. How do you feel about me continuing to blog about films and reviewing the films I see? You love that idea? I thought so.

I hereby commit to at least one film review a week – it might be anything, a worthy and sad Iranian film where nothing much happens when Alex comes to visit or a classic action movie when Ron gets to choose at the DVD shop. Or a romcom or TV series when I’m just hanging out with my girls. Continue reading

Where are the women?


Have you heard about the Bechdel Test? It came from a comic strip in the 80s by Alison Bechdel called Dykes to Watch Out For and tests a work of fiction as to whether it has two female characters who have a conversation about something other than a man. Perhaps unsurprisingly to all women who are used to seeing films predominantly about men, not many more than half of all mainstream films pass this test. Continue reading

Melbourne (2014)


I think this is my favourite Iranian film of the Festival. I have seen three – Tales, Tehran Taxi and this. Tales had some good moments but Melbourne is a nicely constructed debut feature film that keeps you considerably uncomfortable throughout. Continue reading

Eisenstein in Guanajuato (2015)


Oh Peter, Peter, Peter. Have you changed or have I? I think it’s fitting that I ended the festival with a Peter Greenaway film. I discovered Greenaway films when I was falling in love with cinema back 25 years or so ago.It was fitting also that I walked out on it as I did the first film of the festival. Continue reading