Welcome to Leith (2015)


Another padded-out US documentary about a delusional white guy. This one had similar flaws to Prophet’s Prey, too much atmospheric footage and staged drama and not enough insight. Leith is a tiny rural town in North Dakota, and by tiny I mean 24 people including children, that unfortunately had a high profile white supremacist move in.

Craig Cobb bought up parcels of land for a pittance and sold or gifted them to fellow high profile individuals and groups, such as the very scary National Socialist Movement (NSM). His plans seemed to be to outnumber the locals on the council and so build a small white supremacist stronghold.

There was a lot of footage from when he and another family moved in and so it’s apparent that this was seen as a ‘story’ right from the start. It gained national headlines and there were rallies and moments of high drama, including lots of footage of Cobb and his side kick being bullies and showing their lack of sense. Ultimately this film didn’t really go anywhere. I can’t help feeling that if things had turned out worse, it would have been a better film. As it was, you wonder if there was really a story there after all, except about disgruntled neighbours and the difficulty of having to put up with belligerent idiots.

2.5 stars

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