Day four – too many self-absorbed white guys


A three film day today and it started off well with Corn Island (Georgian lyrical drama about rural survival) but went downhill with Snow Monkey (Australian doco vanity project) and Fassbinder – To Love Without Demands (Danish doco about a very unlikeable film maker). I seem to have chosen a few documentaries so far about delusional or egotistical white guys and I’m getting a bit tired of it. I’m going to double-check the other documentaries I’ve booked and see if the trend will continue.

I spent the morning in the flat trying to upload files. I’m exhibiting some photos in the Ballarat International Foto Biennale Fringe Program at the Ballarista Cafe and a printing company in Horsham, HCPro, have kindly offered to sponsor the printing of my photos onto metal. It took 20 hours to upload the files but hopefully they are now safely on their way.

At the Corn Island screening, I sat next to Shelley who was given a mini-pass for her birthday and is seeing 10 or so films. Today her husband is looking after the kids so she can see a few films and stay in a hotel. I like chatting to people when I’m seeing a film on my own and finding out their MIFF story.miff

Interesting food experiences: I had lunch at Crossways, the budget Hare Krishna restaurant in Swanson St that I used to frequent when I was a poor vegetarian student. It costs a little bit more now – I seem to remember it used to be free, maybe that’s nostalgia – but only $7.50 and that included a vegie curry, rice and papadums, salad and a halva and custard dessert. A bargain and very filling. I didn’t have to eat again all day. I also had an Old Fashioned at 1806 cocktail bar in Exhibition St. It’s like a gentleman’s library, all dim lighting, leather couches and very solicitous bartenders.

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