Day five – two films and a ukulele


Okay, I have to admit that I blew off two films today. It was going to be a four film day but then I found out that the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective (MUK) have an open mike night on the first Tuesday of every month in Northcote. How could I resist that? I can hear you all shouting, “Noooo. How will you see 50 films now!” Rest assured, gentle readers, I rescheduled one and have added another. Phew!

So, two good ones today. Red Amnesia (slow, absorbing Chinese drama about generational change and long-held guilt) and Speed Sisters (a cracker of a Palestinian documentary about women who love to car race). I gave them both four stars, although I don’t think I could sit through Red Amnesia again.

I met Jill today, she and her husband have traveled down from a Victorian rural town for a week for the festival and we shared recommendations and talked about the ups and downs of farming.

Interesting food experiences: Breakfast at Square and Compass. I went for the peanut butter toast with heirloom tomatoes but ordered the red chilli scrambled eggs instead. I think I’ll need to go back. And then a sensational meal at Lucy Liu’s, sitting at the kitchen bar and getting recommendations from one of the chefs. Such intense flavours and textures. I recommend the kingfish sashimi, the soft shell crab pancakes and the caramelised pork belly. And the ginger creme brûlée.

And then it was on to ukulele. Luckily I had my friend Alex to hold my hand as it was a bit daunting. The MUK folk are so friendly though and they were all appreciative when I (slightly mangled but got through to the end) performed. There were some outstanding performances and a general feeling of warmth and fellowship, as is so common with uke players.

12 films down, 38 to go. And I’m still loving it.

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