Sleeping with Other People (2015)


Tonight’s film was a change of pace for me as it was a very mainstream US romantic comedy. The main actors were all a bit familiar, I think some were from Parks and Recreation, and it revolved around the tried and true When Harry Met Sally storyline about men and women not being able to be friends. Jake and Lainey meet and briefly hook up. Around 15 years later, as she tries to extricate herself from an affair and he refuses to commit to any women, they become friends. I won’t tell you how it ends but it is a mainstream American romcom so you’ve probably already worked it out.

This is a funny film. There’s lots of quick, clever repartee, particularly between Jake and his best friend Xander and Xander’s wife. Stay for the credits to see these latter two riffing off each other. There was chemistry between the leads, which always helps, and, like all romcoms, the predictability of the ending both disappoints and satisfies. I was happy to see this in a cinema as it was enhanced by the happy laughter of the audience.

3 stars

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