Day eight – I cheated on MIFF


Okay, I’ll admit it right now, today I saw a film at a cinema and it wasn’t a MIFF film. It was an unashamedly mainstream comedy, I was with a friend, we bought glasses of wine and chips and we sailed past the queues of earnest MIFF goers at the Kino into our film. It was great. You can read my reviews of the said film, Trainwreck, and the much more worthy (though no more enjoyable) Vietnamese film Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere.I ditched a MIFF film to see Trainwreck. I don’t feel too bad because it was Results and starred Guy Pearce, something that pretty much guarantees it will get a cinema release and be available on DVD in our local shop (yes they still exist in country towns where Netflix has not yet replaced everyone’s need to plan ahead). I figured that one ‘crowd pleasing’ movie would be as good as another and for Trainwreck, I had an enthusiastic friend. And wine. When did they decide to let you take wine into a movie? Sometime when my back was turned.

For a good comedy, there’s nothing better than watching it in a cinema with other people, the communal laughter buoys you along, making even the tiniest bit of humour delightful. I remember clearly watching Priscilla Queen of the Desert in a cinema. There was barely a giggle and I have never been able to find the humour in that movie that I suspect it deserves.

Today was also a day of interesting food. I had a Colombian breakfast at Sonido in Gertrude Street – arepas and hot chocolate con queso. That’s hot chocolate with cheese for the uninitiated, how the Colombians like it, apparently. I suspect it works a bit better locally, it’s a hunk of soft white curd cheese and I think it’s supposed to melt into the chocolate. Mine stayed as a soft lump but it was quite delicious to eat soft, chocolatey cheese.

My friend Jo and I popped in to Cumulus Inc for an early dinner before our movie and sat at the drinks bar, sampling raddichio, pear and candied walnut salad, butter beans with burnt garlic and salt spiced cauliflower. We returned after our movie for a drink or two and marvelled at the bright young things smoking outside in their high heels, bare legs and very short skirts. As I left and wrapped my scarf, buttoned up my coat and stepped out in my sturdy shoes and jeans that went all the way down to my ankles, I was grateful that people I know seem more interested in what’s coming out of my mouth than the goosebumps on my legs.

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