Day twelve – hanging out with famous people


I can’t believe I only have four days left! Four days and 16 films though. I have a five-film-day coming up and I’m feeling a bit nervous about that one. It’s hard to find time to eat between sessions, although the good thing about that day is that the first three films are all in the same venue.

So today I saw my film of the festival (trumpets play). In the Crosswind was one of the most remarkable and beautiful films I have ever seen. There was one I struggled to like, The Club (bleak Chilean drama) but gained respect for, a mediocre Iranian drama from a director I like, Tehran Taxi, and an slow burn martial arts movie, The Assassin, that needed a bit of kero thrown on it.

I thought I might see more famous people at MIFF, although I haven’t been looking. We chanced past the post-screening congratulatory photo shoot of Rolf de Heer and Gulpilil. Lawrence Leung sat a few rows in front during Prophet’s Prey and you’ll see that Geoff Rush and I hung out for a bit during The Assassin. Of course one can also be famous, and I had my brush with the high life talking to Matt Dowling on breakfast radio, ABC Goulburn Murray. I’d consider doing daily updates but having to be awake before 7am isn’t conducive to staying awake in movies until 11pm.

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