Day thirteen – hitting the wall


Okay, I know you all think I have amazing stamina but it honestly hasn’t been hard. Every day is a new and exciting experience, every film potentially the best film I have ever seen. I love the community of fellow film-goers, I love all the walking in the cold, I love it that I know interesting places to eat and the best place to sit in every venue.

Well today I hit the wall. It was four-film-day, which can be a challenge if more than one film is mediocre. My films today weren’t bad – I quite liked Me Romantic Romani (sweet Italian comedy about the Romani culture) and Pioneer Heroes (Russian drama about the enduring impact of Soviet ideals). Mediterranea was a mostly satisfying look at African immigrants risking their lives to get to Europe, a contemporary and topical humanitarian problem. Louder Than Bombs bored me a little bit but it was a serviceable if unsurprising exploration of grief.

For the first time, though, I felt tired. I shut my eyes a bit in some of the films and by the time I got home at 11.30pm, I felt a bit exhausted. Too tired to blog (more than one post). This morning, it was an effort to get out of bed and I made the mistake of having two strong coffees, thinking that might perk me up. Now I feel tired and wired.

Having late night sessions every night doesn’t help. I have a four film day today and a five film day tomorrow. I’m thinking that I might have to walk out on a few films if they’re not great, just to get a break. Next time, I’ll book more films at the start of the festival and make sure I have some easier days at the end, although of course it’s not always that easy. Setting myself the task of 50 films also puts the pressure on.

Don’t feel sorry for me though.

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