Life after MIFF for your trusty blogger


I like films and I like blogging. MIFF is over for a year so I need to find something to feed these two addictions until August 2016. How do you feel about me continuing to blog about films and reviewing the films I see? You love that idea? I thought so.

I hereby commit to at least one film review a week – it might be anything, a worthy and sad Iranian film where nothing much happens when Alex comes to visit or a classic action movie when Ron gets to choose at the DVD shop. Or a romcom or TV series when I’m just hanging out with my girls.

We have been trying to give our girls a film education. A few years ago, for her birthday, I gave Tee the best romcom from each decade from the 40s until today. Subjective choices but I tried to pick ones that had in some way defined or changed the genre. Ron has tried to follow suit with action films, perhaps with less success – I did notice a ‘please save me’ look on her face when I came home to find them watching Gladiator. And she’s discovered she’s not a huge fan of Bruce Willis.

We saw an exhibition of female Oscar winners at the Cinema Museum in Turin last year and it made me realise how little my girls know about films made before 2000. We’ve made some inroads since then but have a way to go.

You want to know which romcoms I chose, don’t you?

1940s – The Philadelphia Story

1950s – Sabrina

1960s – The Apartment

1970s – Harold and Maude

1980s – When Harry Met Sally

1990s – Four Weddings and a Funeral

2000s – Amelie

2010s – Juno

Today – The Perks of Being a Wallflower

She enjoyed them all but did look across at me after Harold and Maude and say incredulously, “Why do you like that?” One day she’ll come around.

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