A Flickering Truth (2015)


A-FLICKERING-TRUTH-1I bailed on this one. I gave it a good 45 minutes. It’s a documentary about the Afghan Film Archive that was funded in the 60s by the US and almost completely destroyed by the Taliban. The film focuses on three people who have played their part in saving as many films as they can.

There is some fascinating footage and it does make a difference to see imagery from a past time – you can be told a reality but there’s nothing quite like seeing footage of Afghani women in miniskirts to realise how much has changed. One of the subjects though really got up my nose. Director Ibrehim Arif who fled the country after being jailed by the Mujahedeem has returned to sort out the cleaning and repairing of films. He’s arrogant and opinionated and I just couldn’t listen to him any more. I’m sure there was much more to this film. If you see it, let me know.

Can’t really Bechdel test this film.
2 stars

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