MIFF 2016 – days four to ten


hosierlane2It was pointed out to me tonight that I haven’t been documenting my MIFF days as I did last year. I started out thinking I would be able to post something each day on top of the film reviews but have found it too much work as I’m seeing more films this year. So far I have seen 35 films and, if I don’t drop any of them, I have 28 more to see.

I hit the wall on day seven, just feeling so tired it was hard to get out of bed. I dropped a few films but none that I regret terribly. I only saw two today and managed to catch up with some great friends and share excellent food so now I feel much more human.

My friend Alex saw two films today that he loved – Heart of a Dog and Staying Vertical – that I hadn’t booked tickets to and part of me is a little bit devastated that I missed them (as I have loved every film so far that he loves) but, you know, you can’t see them all. Hopefully the Nova will screen them.

Tomorrow is a four-film day and all at the Forum or ACMI, the best venues. Two reviews to write tonight then I’m off to bed. ‘Night.


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