The Unknown Girl (2016)


THE-UNKNOWN-GIRL-1The Unknown Girl is a film that will have an unknown ending for me as I walked out on it. It’s by the Dardennes brothers and I was really looking forward to it but I just couldn’t engage with the storyline. Jenny is a young doctor in her last days at a general practice for low-income patients before she moves on to a better job. One night after closing time, the clinic bell rings and she doesn’t answer it. It turns out to have been a young girl who was then murdered. Feeling responsible, Jenny tries to find out who she is.

I walked out because all that seemed to be happening was Jenny seeing patients and asking them if they recognised the girl. It got to a point where I realised I didn’t really care what happened so fresh air and freedom beckoned. If you ever see this film, comment below and tell me whether I should have stayed.

Bechdel test – pass
2.5 stars

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