Virtual Reality: VR Noir A Day Before the Night


VR-NOIR-A-DAY-BEFORE-THE-NIGHT-1Okay, maybe not all VR is brilliant. This overly complicated and clunky 20-minute ‘pilot episode’ of a private eye noir-esque story left me unsatisfied. Our group was worded up beforehand that there would be clues to observe, a puzzle to solve and moments where we must make a choice between two elements of the story. I was a bit worried that I would miss things and maybe I did because it didn’t really make much sense to me.

We are in the office of a female PI and get to scan objects visually so that they give us some facts about her, the objects sparkle and then when you look at them, a little bit of audio plays. Then a client comes in with a story and you have to choose whether you believe her or not. Then you are doing surveillance trying to find a particular person in an apartment window – that took me forever – and then you are in his apartment trying to ‘collect DNA’ as the man in question is shot. And that was really it. No puzzle, just a few vaguely connected things and too many black screen pauses between settings. Disappointing, or maybe I just wasn’t clever enough.

1.5 stars

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