Zero Days (2016)



If I’d seen this US documentary at the start of my MIFF journey, I suspect I may have given it a more positive review. On my second last day of the festival and slightly tired after 60+ films, I found the topic interesting but the storytelling technique overly dramatic and over-padded. It’s about the Stuxnet virus that turned up a few years back and its origin has been traced to US/Israeli intelligence, developed as a weapon to damage Iran’s nuclear enrichment factories. It’s worth a watch though if you can catch it on television someday.

What’s chilling about this documentary is the seeming lack of principles of government, in particular the US government. The scale of the cyber terrorism is massive and a link is drawn to the subsequent retaliatory attacks by Iran on US banks and ongoing protest and anger. The smugness of those from government who ‘refuse to talk about’ it is grating.

As a documentary, graphics and images are used well to pad out a relatively simple story, although sometimes this is overly dramatic and slows the pace. There isn’t a lot of factual confirmation but the argument is convincing and sobering. It makes it clear that a change of political party doesn’t really make a lot of difference.

3 stars

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