Yourself and Yours (2016)


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This is rather delicate and oddball offering from Korean director Hong Sang-soo poses more questions than it answers but provides enough threads to pull together into a satisfying exploration of love and relationships.

Youngsoo (Ju-hyuk Kim) has had a womanising past but is in love with Minjung (You-young Lee). His friends don’t approve of her as they see her out drinking alone with a variety of men. When he confronts her, she denies it and ends the relationship. But then we see her, or someone who looks like her, being approached in a bar by a man who recognises her. She openly and convincingly denies knowing him or being Minjung and we, like the man, aren’t sure what to believe.

Not a lot happens in this film but we follow the trajectory of Youngsoo’s love for Minjung and get to ruminate on the value of trust within a relationship and what it can also hide. We also consider ‘Minjung’s’ reality and the condemnation she faces for her behaviour. In many ways she behaves like a man – enjoying drinking, accepting and seeking flattery, getting to know different men and commenting openly on their looks while refusing to take responsibility for their egos or emotions.

There is a clue at the end as to what has really been going on, which will satisfy many. I would have been happy to wonder.

Have you seen this film? Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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