Reevolution (2017)



I had a few micro naps in this well-meaning but ham-fisted Spanish thriller, screening as part of the Spanish Film Festival. The synopsis likened it to V for Vendetta, which was what convinced me to choose it. And yes it had political activists wearing masks to hide their identity but it felt like a film school version; with drama and action substituted with endless exposition, a convoluted plot and a score straight from a bad TV-movie.

Starting with a dramatic scene as two masked man try to escape a building and one is tackled to the ground by police, the story jumps back and forth from present-day to one year before. Three burly, bearded men have been arrested after ‘something’ has happened. We are deliberately kept in the dark about the event but we know it has made a female cop (Cecilia Freire), who oddly speaks English with an American accent, really angry. She spits out words and bangs the desk and spouts pseudo TV cop speak.

It all seems to revolve around Doni (Leandro Rivera), who doesn’t seem to have been arrested. A swift montage shows him swiftly going from losing his job because he keeps turning up late to destroying his marriage and trying to commit suicide. This moment connects him with his bearded co-conspirators Max (Hovik Keuchkerian), Jack (Gorka Otxoa) and David (Fele Martínez) and brings him to an epiphany; he knows how to solve all the ills of the world with some software and a new political system.

After much shouting and many flashbacks and a few naps, we eventually get to see what it’s all about and sadly, it’s not really worth the wait. Obviously shot on a minuscule budget and beginning with a few words from the director, David Sousa Moreau, about how much of the film’s budget was taken in taxes, you get the feeling he had an axe to grind and not so much insight into how to make his story entertaining, coherent and believable.

Have you seen this film? Did it make you want to close your eyes ‘just for a moment’? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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