VR: Parragirls Past, Present: Unlocking Memories of Institutional ‘Care’ (Short) (2017)


Image via miff.com.au


Virtual Reality at its best immerses you in a human experience in a way that cinema can’t. Parragirls Past, Present floats you slowly through a mostly ghost-like recreation of the Parramatta Girls’ Home while former inmates – survivors – recount their stories.

It’s in affecting experience, although somewhat dislocated as you are seeing mostly derelict spaces and never faces nor a sense of substance. It does make the voices all the more tangible, though, and their stories are tragic and horrific. What shines through is the resilience of the women and their ability to hold fast to their senses of identity and worth.

Unfortunately my audio was out of sync so I missed the last minute perhaps of the story. I got the gist but it felt incomplete.

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