Day 25: My favourite LGBTQI+ film

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Gayby Baby (2015)

I’m not at all an expert on LGBTQI+ films and will be interested in what my more learned friends post. I nearly chose Park Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden (2016), which was a delight from start to finish, but Maya Newell’s Australian documentary about same-sex parents remains one of the best documentaries I have seen.

What I love about Gayby Baby – and you can read my review here from when I first saw it at MIFF – is the way it immerses you in the lives of four very different families and, by stealth, explores the prejudices that arise when straight cis people talk about same-sex parenting. Newell brings the same sensitivity and lack of ego that made her next film, In My Blood it Runs (2019), so great and Gayby Baby was timely as Australia began the rainbow-coloured march toward marriage equality.

I’m looking forward to the next Melbourne Queer Film Festival as two films I saw at the 2017 festival are consistently in my top five ‘most viewed’ blog posts. Paris 05.59: Théo and Hugo (2016) (which I really liked) is number one and Below Her Mouth (2016) (which I didn’t love quite so much) is number three. I’ve no idea why these two are viewed so often but I think it indicates that I should review more queer films!

What’s your favourite LGBTQI+ film? I’m assuming you know what the abbreviation stands for and, if not, you can read about it here.

Posted as part of the 30-Day Fillums Challenge, created by me. If you want to see what’s coming up, have a look at my post here and feel free to join in by commenting each day with your own choice.

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