How to Please a Woman (2022)

Image by David Dare Parker via

A gentle and slightly awkward Australian comedy by Renée Webster that puts female pleasure in the centre of the story.

Sally Phillips is Gina, a decidedly ordinary office worker and wife who seems to have everything she needs. She swims in the ocean with a gaggle of female friends, takes pride in her work for some sort of finance business and has a lovely house and Cameron Daddo for a husband.

Scratch the surface and not all is what it seems. A surprise redundancy sees her stumble into an innovative business idea for a failing removalist company, headed by low-key dad-vibe Steve (Erik Thomson). Gina knows what women want – for good looking men to clean their houses – and soon her business is providing ‘bespoke cleaning’ that includes house work and guaranteed orgasms.

It’s an interesting premise and all of the characters play their part, without necessarily delving into much depth. It’s primarily played for gentle laughs and there are plenty of stereotypes but no real villains. That Gina needs a bit of what her clients are getting is obvious to all (the women) around her (all the men seem to be oblivious to the notion of female pleasure) and she eventually gets there in a warm and satisfying way. There’s a great scene with winsome Steve involving an exercise bike and a croissant.

Phillips is very low key in this role and there is nothing of the sweary Shazza from Bridget Jones Diary franchise. We barrack for her nonetheless and the story is at its best when we revel in the sisterhood of women and watch Gina stand up for herself. The dramatic arc is personified in Gina’s journey to independence. “Can I clean your house?” has a new meaning.

Have you seen this film? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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