Day three – sore feet and warm necks


My first four film day and I coped, although I didn’t get home until midnight and it was a bit difficult to drag myself out of bed this morning. There was mediocre – Welcome to Leith (US non-story documentary about white supremacists in rural North Dakota), My Love, Don’t Cross That River (South Korean sentimental documentary about a dying 98 year old man that I couldn’t watch through to the end) – good – Tales (Iranian episodic but engaging drama about the lives of the working class in Iran) – and great – Magical Girl (Spanish slow-burn thriller), my first five star film of the festival. Click through on the links to read my reviews.

I had plans to browse the shops in the morning as my first film didn’t start until 1.30 but instead I spent the morning sitting in the sun in my flat catching up on some computer work, playing a bit of ukulele, drinking tea. I met up with my friend Alex for coffee at Pellegrini’s and then it was pretty much just films and sprinting from one venue to the next until late. The venues vary in comfort and ease of access. The best are the ones with comfy seats and a steep tier so that you get a good view no matter where you sit – ACMI, Kino, Hoyts. The Forum’s not bad, the seats are old but the view is always good. The Comedy Theatre has been the worst experience so far, lovely old theatre but cramped hard seats and sitting near the front meant a cricked neck. Next time I’ll get there early and try the balcony.

Where the sore feet come in to it is when you have a session at Hoyts (Melbourne Central and at the north end of the CBD) and then one at ACMI or the Forum or Kino (right down the other end) and then another one back at Hoyts. And the streets aren’t flat. It’s not just my feet that are sore, also my calves and shins and ankles and thighs and every part of my legs that doesn’t get a work out living on the plains. I will be super fit by the end.

Interesting food experiences: I didn’t buy too much but had a pomegranate black tea with half ice and half sugar from one of many asian tea shops, very nice, and wontons in chilli oil.

The weather has been changeable but I quite like emerging from the dark to rain soaked streets and an icy chill. It’s not long before you’re back inside again. It helps to have a scarf. Alex’s girlfriend Maggie knitted him a scarf for his birthday, finishing it in the lull between My Love Don’t Cross That River and Tales. It was a revelation for him, having a warm neck. It makes such a difference.

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