Magical Girl (2014)


Only day three and I have seen a 5 star film. This Spanish slow burn thriller seems to be the story of a man wanting to make his dying 12 year old daughter happy by buying her a very expensive designer anime dress.

The story sits easily with this man as we see him trying to do his best and missing the truth, that his daughter just wants to spend time with him. It cuts to a woman living an affluent life who is struggling with the vestiges of a troubled past and it is when the paths of these two characters cross that the tale turns dark. It is with the third character we meet though, Damian, ageing, afraid, recently released from jail, that the power of the story sits. We follow him through to the excruciating, profoundly moving end and it is only then, in the last scene, that we see who the real protagonist is.

I love a film like this, little exposition, a story that slowly pieces together without being deliberately obscured, characters that absorb you, a trajectory that you can’t predict and an ending that feels authentic and changes some small part of how you understand the world.

5 stars

2 thoughts on “Magical Girl (2014)

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