Miff 2016 – days two and three


hosierlaneIf you’ve ever lived in a city, I’m sure you will have experienced the person walking the streets shouting his or her anger to the world. There was a man walking a few paces behind me on the way to the Forum, striding in his work boots, duffle bag across his shoulder, beanie pulled down tight against the cold, spitting out expletives and racist words. As I slowed, he kept striding past, his momentum and his anger keeping him going. It happened again in Bourke St, another man angry at the arrogance of someone’s parking, needing to tell the world.

There seem to be more homeless people on the streets of the CBD than I remember. Makeshift beds under the full glare of restaurant lights in Swanston St, next to queues of people waiting for tall plastic cups of bubble tea. Rachel stopped me to ask for money to help her find a place out of the cold, her modified KFC cup extended to collect the coins. The wind was bitter and I thought of the luxury of my apartment, the ability to shut the door, to sleep without worry.

Four films yesterday – Evolution, Sonita, The Salesman and The Neon Demon – all different, none completely satisfying. I have seen two so far today, My Life as a Courgette and Being 17, both lovely, reviews still to come. Tonight there’s Ma and Lily Lane up at Melbourne Central. Food highlight today – bibimbap, kimchi fries and soju at Sam Sam Korean Chicken and Beer in Swanston St. Bibimbap is comfort food and spicy enough to warm me up on this cold day.


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