The Neon Demon (2016)


THE-NEON-DEMON-2Ah no. Don’t see this film. If you do and you find something to like about it, some hidden profundity, please let me know. Its directed by Nicolas Winding Refn who directed Drive, a film I really liked. The Neon Demon seems to be about the fashion industry and, more specifically, the obsession with female beauty. Every character is unlikeable, the men are all voyeurs or predators, the women are all narcissistic and monstrous.

There are some stars in this – Elle Fanning carries her pivotal role quite well, Jena Malone is good though sold short by little development of her character, Keanu Reeves is convincing as a monstrous thug – but the dialogue is banal, the story without logic nor depth. The film spirals – much too slowly – into silliness, so there are some small laughs to be had, but there are also some horrible, horrible scenes that seem to have no redeeming value. Perhaps the film aims to make a comment about female objectification, although it spends most of its time doing just that.

Reading about this film online, it seems that it is the second of Refn’s films to be booed after its Cannes press screening and it tanked at the box office in the US. I can see why.

Bechdel test – pass (which shows that passing the Bechdel test doesn’t mean everything)
Half a star

8 thoughts on “The Neon Demon (2016)

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  2. But it had Keanu !Did you not like it because you didn’t like what it was saying or you didn’t agree with what it was saying ? It should be a rich subject to mine . I’m the first person to ridicule the fashion industry and the shallowness of looks . But then I’m conflicted because I notice beauty and recognise its allure Is there a limit to comment length?


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