Toni Erdmann (2016)



I nearly didn’t see this film. Thank you to MIFF buddy Alex #2 who encouraged me to book this encore screening after I had ditched an earlier screening in exchange for a bit of sleep. I loved it. Laugh out loud loved it. Now I want to see more of Maren Ade’s films. This film revolves around Winfried and his adult daughter Ines. Through steady and wry observation, we see the dynamics between them, the effect of a separation and what their early years together might have been like. They seem very different now; he always finding humour in the everyday, she trying so hard to be a competent adult.

It’s probably best not to know too much about the plot as it is the surprising twists and turns that made this so refreshing. Winfried is a wonderful character and the subtle evolution of his relationship with Ines is beautifully shown, often with little or no direct dialogue. Much of the film is set in Romania and this provides an interesting context to the life that Ines has chosen. After seeing Graduation, this was a very different look at Romania although all I learned in that earlier film helped me understand the nuances of this story.

If you get the chance, please see this film.

Bechdel test – pass
5 stars

3 thoughts on “Toni Erdmann (2016)

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