The films I missed



You might think that seeing 61 films was enough but I have a list of films from MIFF that I missed and still want to see. Some I am just curious about, others I heard good reviews from friends or through the MIFF social media feeds. Some are in release now – Tickled, Sunset Song, I am Not a Serial Killer – and some are coming up in the next few months at the Nova – The Eagle Huntress, Ella. I’m sure that there will be quite a few that don’t get a release but I’ll keep an eye out for them.

These ones were recommended by my MIFF buddy Alex (no. 1) and we have similar tastes in films:

Heart of a Dog – Laurie Anderson’s unusual meditation on loss and grief.

Staying Vertical – An oddball French dark comedy about masculinity.

I am Not a Serial Killer – Alex walked into the wrong cinema and saw this one by mistake. It’s screening now at the Cinema Nova in Carlton for anyone who likes mystery, thriller, cerebral horror.

These ones got good reviews by word of mouth and in MIFF social media:

Personal Shopper – I skipped this one because it stars KStew (above) and I’m sure it will get a release. Fashion, ghost story, Olivier Assayas (Irma Vep), that’s enough to get me interested.

The Forest for the Trees – I regretted this one straight away as the Twitter feeds up on the MIFF screen said how great it was. This is the first feature from Maren Ade and when I saw Toni Erdmann, I really regretted that sleep in.

The Eagle Huntress – This Mongolian documentary about the nomadic Kazakh people who use golden eagles to hunt foxes is on at the Nova next month.

Sieranevada – You may remember that this is the three hour Romanian drama that I was really looking forward to seeing but choked on as I was just too tired. Good reviews from some fellow MIFF goers afterwards made me regret my weakness.

Tickled – This one was an easy discard as it seemed a bit superficial – a documentary about ‘competitive endurance tickling’ – but I overheard good feedback about it. It’s on at the Nova at the moment.

Right Now, Wrong Then – This Korean film wasn’t even on my radar but it was recommended by a lovely girl (whose name I have forgotten) in the queue for a film. It sounds gentle and thought-provoking.

And these are the ones I missed for one reason or another (tiredness, scheduling, tiredness, films running overtime, tiredness):

Ella – This documentary about the first Indigenous dancer in the Australian Ballet has been touring with The Family (below) as part of the MIFF Travelling Film Festival (still touring to Mildura, Belgrave, Mansfield and Bairnsdale in October).

The Family – Documentary about Anne Hamilton-Byrne and her Melbourne cult called ‘The Family’.

Emo the Musical – Neil Triffett’s romantic, satirical, musical feature based on the Australian short of the same name. I would have had to miss the end of Toni Erdmann to get to this one on time. Disappointed but had excellent Vietnamese food with Alex no.2 instead.

Reset – Documentary about the Paris Opera Ballet with Benjamin Millepied (Mr Natalie Portman and Black Swan choreographer) at the helm.

Sunset Song – The latest feature from Terence Davies (I have fond memories of Distant Voices, Still Lives) and on at the Nova at the moment. Epic, beautiful, Scottish.

So many films, so little time.


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