That’s Not Me (2017)



That's Not Me, a sweet and funny Melbourne feature about fame and sibling rivalry was buoyed by a cinema full of cast, crew, friends and family. #MIFF2017Polly (Alice Foulcher) has wanted to be a Hollywood star for as long as she can remember. She has principles though, and won't do ads, unlike her identical twin sister Amy. Polly, firmly ensconced on the moral high ground, turns down a part on soapie Summer Street that then propels Amy to fame.

Part commentary on the vacuousness of celebrity and the entertainment industry, part meditation on the painful process of growing up, I cringed and laughed as Polly discovered the pleasure and pain of being mistaken for her much more famous sister.

Director Gregory Erdstein and writer and star Alice Foulcher opened the film to a cinema full of friends. It was a happy bubble that magnified every clever line and visual joke making this an enjoyable ride. Alice does a lovely job as Polly, convincing us of her eager gaucheness and her warm heart. There could've been a tricksy cuteness to her playing both Polly and Amy but this is done deftly and with heart. The final scenes in Polly's bedroom are beautifully handled. Thankfully, the narrative does not lose itself in the trope that women must undermine each other in order to succeed.

There are some lovely comic turns from supporting characters, in particular Isabel Lucas as the woefully misguided Zoe Cooper and Rowan Davie as the odious Ollie. Another key character in the film is the Melbourne setting and I couldn't help but be proud of the many familiar locations. It is Alice Foulcher, though, who steals the show.

Have you seen this film? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below.

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