The Void (2016)


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Watching The Void, when tentacles started to come out of a dead woman’s face, I knew it was time for me to leave. #MIFF2017
Phantasm Remastered at MIFF last year should have taught me that hammy schlock horror is not my thing. I like an 11.30pm horror session at ACMI though so, with dark ale in hand, I gave it a good crack.

The plot didn’t really make much sense other than to be a mish mash of horror cliches. Rednecks kill a girl and chase her boyfriend through dark woods. A deserted hospital is beset by zombie like monsters. Eerie white robed figures bearing hunting knives mysteriously appear.

The gore comes on thick and fast and without much finesse. And that was just in the first half hour. What disappoints me most about this kind of ‘in your face’ horror is that there is very little suspense. Within the first minute, a nameless, faceless girl is shot and then set on fire, setting the tone of the relentless and chaotic violence to follow.

The characters are cliches – cop, nurse, old doctor, pregnant teen – and the dialogue is hammy and unbelievable. As the tentacles flopped around and the rednecks joined forces with the good townsfolk to blow its head off, I figured that I didn’t really care if every single one of them died. That was my cue to leave.

Have you seen this film? Maybe you like a gore-fest more than me. Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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