Day 10: My favourite Australian film


Only the Brave (1994)

There were so many I could choose for this category. Lantana (2001) was my favourite for a long time, Gayby Baby (2015), In My Blood it Runs (2019) and The Songkeepers (2017) are favourite documentaries and, more recently, I loved the underrated Sleeping Beauty (2011), the bloody The Nightingale (2018) and the unique Terror Nullius (2018).

I saw Only the Brave a couple of years ago at MIFF along with some other excellent restored Australian films – Starstruck (1982), Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds (1987) and Shame (1988); you can read my review here. It’s a story about what it is to be a teen that still resonates 25 years later. It is steeped in a dark, urban reality that is as Australian as The Castle (1997) but of course, much more bleak.

I have a feeling that most others might be drawn to the more commercially successful Australian films. What’s your favourite?

Posted as part of the 30-Day Fillums Challenge, created by me. If you want to see what’s coming up, have a look at my post here and feel free to join in by commenting each day with your own choice.

Coming Next: Day 11: A film you walked out of at a cinema

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